Year of the Snake

To celebrate Chinese New Year and the Year of the Snake, we’ve put together some reminders of how the serpentine form has slithered through the centuries, from ancient Greece to the present. 

• Mark Laita’s series Serpentine captures the shimmering silver coils of the mussurana snake, native to Central and South America.

• This Coiled Stone Rattlesnake dates back to the Aztecs in the fifteenth century.

• This Limestone Relief comes from the early Hellenistic period (late 4th-3rd century B.C.) and depicts a small dolphin under a coiled snake.

• Marcus Berkner’s Ring is a continuous band of scales carved from sterling silver.

• This Ring by Taitaya Forge is a thin silver snake that wraps around your finger three times, a style found in Ancient Egyptian and Roman examples.

• This Pendant by OroSpot looks like a snake ready to strike.

• Polkadile’s Ring has a sculpted shape and scaly surface that resembles a snake in motion.

• Claire’s Ouroboros Ring represents the serpent eating its own tail, an ancient symbol of cyclicality and immortality.

• Whitemetal’s Necklace suspends a highly polished, elegant snake from a delicate silver chain.

• Richard York’s Cuff has a hammered, rock-like surface and serpent’s head.

• Ann Drewing Beck’s Ring is a coiled snake resting on a silver band.