Woven Wood

In previous posts, we’ve looked at how artists have meticulously carved wood and revealed its natural curves. Now we’re focusing on bamboo, rooted in a tradition that bridges craft and art.

• Anne Crumpacker’s Enso is composed of individual bamboo rings laced together with waxed linen thread. The imperfect edge reflects the brushwork of Zen painters, finding infinite variation in a simple shape.

• Tanabe’s Connection-Origin transforms tiger bamboo into an rolling wave using an intricate weaving technique passed down by four generations of bamboo artists.

• Honda Syoryu’s Time Cycle is a dramatic curve of pleated bamboo dyed golden brown.

• Yezhi Zhang’s Basket is hand woven from bamboo and ideal for a simple arrangement of dry grasses and flowers.

• Celeste Lambert’s Bracelet is made of bamboo studded with stainless steel rivets.

• Studio 1212’s Coffee Table is made of polished bamboo curving in a kidney bean shape.

• Amy Bengtson’s Necklace is a bamboo oval etched with a mod bubble pattern.

• Julia Harrison’s Earrings are long spears of bamboo carved with craters that reveal grain patterns.

• Nami’s Bowl is made of bamboo layered in a mesmerizing pattern of concentric circles.

• Zachary Warwas’ Ring is made of faceted amber bamboo polished with tung oil.

• Geek Modish’s Coasters have math signs laser cut into bamboo plywood.