Wood Carving

A piece of natural wood is the most transparent canvas for showing an artist’s skill. Here are various examples of carving wood as a mix of craftsmanship and art. Some works are carved meticulously, others left in their natural state, and one isn’t wood at all.

• These Cubes by McNabb & Co. transfer intricate digital images onto maple wood using laser engraving technology.

• Eric Standley’s Either Or Arch is composed of one hundred layers of paper, laser cut to surpass the stained glass and architecture of great cathedrals.

• This High-Backed Chair dates to the late fifteenth century and depicts the Tree of Jesse. The Chartres Cathedral has the oldest example of the subject in stained glass.

• Dimitar Manev’s Carved Panel is inspired by the organic shapes and natural imagery of Renaissance Bulgarian woodwork.

• Amy’s Wood Bowl is lightly carved with a quilted pattern on the front and a spiral on the back.

• Steve’s Vase and Bowl are made of cherry burl harvested in the forests of Wisconsin. Both have a natural, uneven edge and allow the organic patterns of the wood to show through. The raw forms are reminiscent of the rust-red landscape of the Southwest.

• Mariya’s Crucifix is hand-carved from pear wood, which gives it a smooth honey-colored surface.

• Samvel Baghramyan’s Jewelry Box is covered with hand-carved Armenian decorative elements.

• Robert McGowen’s Vase fits together pieces of maple and cherry wood into a smooth yet slightly varied surface that shimmers in the light.

• Kaloyan Kaloyanov’s Wall Carving is a fluid composition of fishes made from cedar wood.