Wild Beast

• Critics accused André Derain of painting nature in a decorative manner, but his work is too subjective and controlled to be decorative. Derain showed that the perception of color was arbitrary. Why should he follow the Impressionists and remain faithful to direct observation? Wild color is more interesting and enduring because it removes the painting from a particular time and place. Bridge over the Riou and L’Estaque still look like landscapes, but the real subject is the vibrant, intense color.

• Red Sea Coral exhibits better color combinations than the Fauves ever could imagine.

• Basso and Brooke’s Fall 2012 Collection created coherent looks from clashing prints, juxtaposed as if someone threw together scraps of fabric.

• Dark Blue, yellow, and crimson harmonize on the Lily Moth’s wings.

• Michaela’s Floating Pearls Knitted Necklace twists together royal blue, black and chartreuse yarn, with freshwater pearls nested inside each strand.

• Sally Anna’s Scarf creates a rich, chunky texture from various brown and green hues.

• Look no further for color and pattern inspiration than…wine? The blue and violet pattern (with scratches that look like pencil marks) is actually Chardonnay  under a microscope.

• Don’s Glass Vase has an abstract pattern of swirling orange and dark purple.

• Tatjana’s Silk Scarf is hand painted in loose, concentric circles of turquoise, orange, and purple.