White Stripes

After yesterday’s indulgence, here is post to steady your senses.

• Mary Corse’s Monochromes are silvery stripes that seem to glow in the gallery, shifting their ratio of luminescence based on where you are standing. She mixes white acrylic with glass microspheres, which are used to make highway signs more visible in the dark. Her interest in both quantum physics and Zen prompted her to explore subjectivity, abstraction, and pure light in painting.

• Lene Ronsholt Wille’s Metaphorical Horizons is what happens when you give legos to adults. The white rectangles become a minimalist curve, gradually transitioning from bench to wall.

• These Silo Vases by Up in the Air Somewhere, created by Chicago-based artist Susan Dwyer, are inspired by the efficient and elegant design of industrial silos.

• This Cup by Vitrified Studio is made of glossy white porcelain, with slight imperfections marking its handmade process.

• Alice Bjornson’s Albino Alligator is white paint on white wool, covered with a crackled surface that resembles raku ware.

• Svetlana Nes’ Necklace suspends a white pearl rectangle studded with three multicolored rhinestones.

• Michael Neil Jacobsen’s 007 is a print of an original pen and ink drawing of intersecting vertical lines.

• Megan and Jordan’s Pouch is made of white leather recycled from industry design jobs.

• Janis’ Necklace suspends a horizontal frosted lucite bead from a delicate sterling silver chain.

• Julia Paul’s Vases have an elongated cone shape covered with white glaze on white clay.

• Robin Sherin’s Windows with Shadow is an aquatint divided into a geometric black and white composition.