White Baroque

If you strip the grandiose language of the Baroque of its color, does it lose any of its flavor?

• Marc Quinn’s Archeology of the Baroque eliminates the vibrant color of the orchid to focus on the ornate frills of its petals.

• The Valentino Spring 2012 Couture Collection took inspiration from the extravagant and pastoral tastes of Marie Antoinette.

• Jamie Desel’s Frame is made of hardwood with plaster detailing inspired by 19th century decorative art.

• Alice Word’s Earrings suspend freshwater pearls from sterling silver quatrefoils.

• This Necklace is a single strand of blue-grey pearls.

• This Chair by Fabulous and Baroque is made of mahogany upholstered with shiny white faux croc.

• Esther van Schagen’s Shoes are hand made from burnished gold leather for a little Baroque-inspired extravagance.

• Amy’s Framed Chalkboards display your to-do list in ornate teal-green carvings.

• Stacy El Khudary’s Mirror is a double dose of white Baroque detailing with a slightly distressed finish.

• Dan Kemp’s Ring is a heavy, ornate Baroque flourish carved from sterling silver.