Welcome to the Jungle

 Henri Rousseau traveled to exotic locations by visiting botanical gardens in Paris and reading colonialist accounts of their adventures. Here are some lusciously green items to transport you into a tropical daydream.

• Henri Rousseau’s Horse Attacked by a Jaguar depicts a scene that corresponds exactly to an account given in Beeton’s Dictionary of Natural History, published in 1871. The rather violent and melodramatic language portrays the jaguar as a savage beast, but Rousseau transforms the scene into a dream-like composition, full of foliage borrowed from the Jardin des Plantes in Paris.

• Sheila Hicks’ Palm Tree is a fiber tapestry that reflects her ability to bridge the gap between craft design and installation art. Take a look at more of her innovative work from a recent retrospective.

• The Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2010 Couture Collection included a bag made of strips of green leather that resembled a casually folded palm leaf.

• This Candle Holder by DMW Pottery Studio has a green and rusty red surface, with stylized leaf cut-outs.

• Sarah Blessing’s Cuff is hand-woven with shimmering gold, green, and bronze beads.

• This Jungle Vines Ring by Minter and Richter Designs frames two bands of green and blue wooden inlay in titanium.

• Nina’s Tea Set has flower-shaped saucers and whimsical illustrations inside each cup.

• This Resin Bracelet by Topaz Turtle is luminescent green with swirling wisps of chocolate brown.

• Kimber McGallagher’s Pillow Cover has a tribal pattern in jungle green and ivory.

• This Ceramic Bottle by L. G. Barnes III resembles a living plant, with leafy green sides and a yellow thorn top.

• Leslie Freeman’s Bowl has a rich emerald surface with a subtle ring pattern.