Waste Land

As we approach the cruellest month, let’s feast on what happens when nature and city collide.

• Peter Lippmann’s Paradise Parking series captures abandoned cars devoured slowly by mossy branches. The lighting gives the photographs the air of a crime scene, as if each car is long-lost evidence of an unsolved mystery.

• For her series 100 Years Later Maico Akiba paints everyday objects, like this keyboard and camera, to imagine what they would look like after a century of neglect.

• Christopher David White’s Cycles of Decay is a clay sculpture carved into an uncanny resemblance of old wood, a hand holding a crumbling wall overgrown with vines.

• Elena Miller’s Vase is made of glazed ceramic that looks so much like a beach stone you couldn’t tell the difference.

• Heather Goldy’s Urban Exploration series documents details from abandoned asylums.

• Josh Martin’s Monolith is a photograph of a rusty, cracked surface that takes on the depth of a fantastical landscape viewed from above.

• Justice’s Schismata is geometric abstraction at its finest – corroded steel dotted with lichen and split down the middle by a black abyss.

• Marlon’s Ring is made of bronze-infused stainless steel sculpted into the shape of a brittle, punctured leaf.

• Hannie Van Weel’s Flower fixes the blue-green petals in a state of perpetual decay.

• John Palmer’s Bowl is raku-fired in deep, forest green and brown glazes and carved with a leaf-like edge.

• Shirlee Grund’s Earrings are titanium pentagons anodized to a pink and green hue.