Go ahead, take the road less traveled. Or one that’s been cut, folded, pinned, and sown into an entirely different route. 

• Nikki Rosato’s Two Bostons turns winding roads into veins with a cut-out map mounted on armature wire.

• Jenny Brial’s Pinned Globe is a bold reminder that there is almost no corner of the Earth left unexplored.

• David Lu’s Folded Map follows the Miura fold, a rigid type of origami invented by a Japanese astrophysicist to simulate solar panels.

• Nancy’s Typographic World Map is letterpress printed on paper that has light washes of watercolor.

• Robbi’s Cushion Cover is covered with a map of the globe, giving you the opportunity to sink into an ocean.

• Leyya’s Backpack keeps all of your essentials together for your trip around the world.

• Stephanie Wheeler’s Lampshade is made of circles cut from a vintage world atlas.

• Sandy Boyd’s (aka the Mad Mapper) Map zooms in on an area of your choice with hand-cut and layered paper.

• Susan Angebranndt’s I Started Early, Took the Dog is a folded book that tells the story of early morning walks through an imaginary map.

• Avgi’s Ocean Dress is a classic strapless silhouette printed with a world map.

• Bold & Noble’s Map is a screen print of the British Isles composed of white typography on a duck egg blue background.