Urban Decay

• In this interview, photographer Michael Chase tells how people respond to his habit of taking pictures of decay. Reactions range from curiosity to disbelief to laughter. Why would anyone seek out peeling walls or rusty roofs? Urban decay looks a lot like Abstract Expressionism, which, despite the mythology of the painting as an expression of emotion, is just an interesting surface. We look at it and say, I don’t get it but it seems important. Chase continues that impulse with his photographs.

• Halloween is over, but these Mint Sequin Shorts could be part of your next costume.

• Olga’s Studs are made of porcelain with a light green glaze.

• Kathy’s Ring fuses a piece of transparent blue glass to distressed sterling silver.

• Glennis’ Wall Art recreates the decayed surface of wall with digitally manipulated images.

• Amy & Lindsay’s Vases have unique patterns and shapes but are all painted aqua and expertly distressed.

• Jillian’s Cube Earrings have a rusty turquoise surface and are capped with silver.

• Ray’s Chawan Tea Bowl creates a dynamic pattern of red and white glazes.