Underwater Garden

My poet-self is a protective pawn put before the king,
who is Shams,
who changes every being to an ocean,
and every body to a coral reef.
– Rumi

• Markus Reugels captures Water Droplets colliding into glass-like forms that could be part of Chihuly’s world. Reugels dyes the droplets in contrasting colors to visualize the moment of impact, and he varies the time in between drops to create different shapes.

• Chihuly’s Emerald Green Ikebana with Stem reflects the seamless transition between vase and flower in the Japanese art of flower arrangement.

• This Coral Reef appears green because of the algae living on the translucent coral.

• Saunthra’s Resin Bracelet resembles underwater algae with its luminescent green color and tiny bubbles.

• Morgan’s Silk Scarf has the imprint of water philodendron leaves dyed blue on lime green fabric.

• Sharona’s Neon Cuff is packed with turquoise, green jasper, gold beads, and Swarovski crystals.

• Chihuly’s Persians could be pieces of ancient Persian and Venetian glass that have been growing underwater for a few centuries. Just as Persian carpets weave ornate gardens of paradise, Chihuly’s sculptures create a luscious and otherworldly environment.

• Giant clams and mushroom corals swirl in Kingman Reef, located in the North Pacific.

• Bek’s Saltwater Taffy Necklace frames a starfish-like piece of lucite in sterling silver.

• Tanya’s Silk Scarf has loose brushstrokes of flaming red flowing into blue, purple, and turquoise.

• Kaz’s Resin Ring is a magnetic silver base with interchangeable tops.

• Chihuly’s Algae Green recreates the rippling movement and ever-changing landscape of a coral reef.

• A Green Anemone spreads its tentacles like an underwater sunflower.

• Lilli’s Chartreuse Pillow resembles a flower or anemone with its waffle knit and round shape.

• Nikki and Jake’s Origami Flowering Tree is a bioluminescent display of sixty individually-folded origami flowers with LED lights inside.

• Courtney’s Brazzaville Necklace transitions from bright yellow to chartreuse to emerald green in five vividly sumptuous strands.