Traces of the Moon

I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed the moon everywhere these days. So far I’ve seen it leave its mark on…

Kobocha squash photograph by Lost Meridiem Productions (that’s us!); Devour series by Christopher Jonassen
Handmade items to buy (clockwise): Earrings by Kendra Renee; Earrings by Mac Black Sheep; Earrings by Studio 1980; Studs by Misluo; Earrings by Sigal Gerson; Pendant by Misty Metal; Bracelet by Stories of Silver and Silk; Earrings by Sharon Saint Don

The bottom of cast iron skillets, scraped against the stovetop from shaking omelettes into obedience.

The surface of a lotus leaf, scattered with moondrops of autumn dew that remain pristine among decaying surroundings.

The flesh of a tree, compressed and rolled out into thin sheets that map out its rippling journeys.

The ancient millstone, nibbled by the elements in open fields after serving its long-forgotten purpose of grinding grains.

The sea sapphire, which reveals its brilliant iridescence for a split second before disappearing, like the moon behind clouds.

The front of my black leather boots after a walk through the park on a rainy day.

The skin of a kabocha squash, its dusty, weathered exterior giving the impression of more hardship on its journey to the farmer’s market than simply being harvested and placed in a basket.

The beach before the tide washes over traces of footprints creating craters in the sand.

The walls you hope will never be smoothed a fresh coat of paint but continue to build a rich landscape of mold and outdated notices.

The bloomy rind of certain cheeses that bears the imprint of its mold, ripening the soft, oozy insides into a grassy flavor.