Top Five Luxurious Teas

These are teas to enjoy during ordinary days and spontaneous moments of insisting on something special.

1. Rose Tea from Golden Moon Teas:
This is a truly intoxicating blend of black tea and rose petals, which has a richness to it that is hard to find in flavored teas and rose teas in particular. Most brands will give a hint of rose, but this is truly rose essence.

2. Scorpio blend from Adagio Teas:
Black tea infused with mango, rooibos vanilla, and chocolate chips is flavorful but not overpowering.

3. Jasmine Yin-Hao from Dragonwater Teas:
This is a green tea with a light, almost fruity, flavor that is sophisticated and refreshing.

4. Coconut Pouchong from Golden Moon Teas:
The intensity of the coconut flavor and smell makes this green tea addictive.

5. Orchid Temple Oolong from Golden Moon Teas:
This tea has a complex, fruity flavor that is light enough for daily appreciation.