Tim Flach Photography

Wildlife photography can get a little one-sided sometimes, and often we are left only to wonder at the beauty and exoticism of a creature that, however impressive, is still distinctly different from ourselves. Tim Flach subtly establishes a closer relationship between the human experience and the animal one through a unique artistic vision. He deliberately steps away from the documentary style, the obvious choice for photographing wildlife, and seeks to convey a certain unspoken atmosphere through visual representation. The result is absolutely mind-blowing, as it is rare to see such a viewpoint. Bats have never appeared more like humans, and there is something incredibly liberating and universal about a horse simply standing in water or a group of horses shrouded by mist. Photography is at its best when words are insufficient to describe it, and Tim Flach’s work not only elevates wildlife photography to another level of understanding, but it makes me, personally, never get tired of looking at it.