The Secret of One Thousand Cranes

Endless crisp folds overlapping deliberately and harmoniously form lines that reflect the beauty and simplicity of the compact form. Paper folding is design that also innovates the way we see space as we apply it to other areas of art and function.

Origami as a pastime for pleasure began during the Edo period in Japan, when the cultural flourishing and availability of paper inspired an exploration of the artistic side of folding paper. During this time, instructional books began to be published on the art of origami, such as “Hiden Senbazuru Orikata.”

Andre Lima’s fashion designs suggest that the stylistic capabilities of origami can be applied to complement the human form, perfectly combining the purpose of clothing as a reflection of body shape and the ambition of fashion to push the limits of this purpose artistically.
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Brazilian designer, André Lima’s collection to paper origami models • London-based Dutch product designer Marloes ten Bhömer.

André Lima’s collection to paper origami models • Prada 2008

Yasuhiro Yamashita’s origami-inspired house appears to be in a delicate yet solid balance, as it lightly rests its distinct shape on a single point. Just as origami forces one to reconsider how shape can be used to its best advantage, this house in Tokyo reinvents effective and creative living space. It quite literally floats on the sidewalk, a marvel architecture and artistry.

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This origami inspired house in Tokyo designed by architect Yasuhiro YamashitaJoseph Wu. Origami Pig • Origami-inspired ads CDB Matone: “Make your money multiply.”

Then, of course, there are those who take the humble art of paper folding to a whole new level, and create limitless possibilities for complex origami structures using mathematical concepts. For a truly fascinating look at how origami can go far beyond anyone’s expectations, please listen to Robert Lang’s talk.

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Apple’s iTunes U serves up a fun collection of tutorial podcasts by physicist Robert Lang.

Robert Lang’s Origami Software