The Art of White Cubes

• Kazimir Malevich was serious about achieving the zero degree of painting, but his art has an absurd and cheeky dimension. How do you analyze White on White (1918)? There are no social cues or symbols to hide behind. Is it even a legitimate work of art or is he kidding? Well, if you look at the lines and composition, White on White is the most basic definition of art: drawing by an unsteady hand and one thing in front of a background.

• Bridge Tofu keeps the process of making tofu simple. No additives and no machines. The difference in the taste will steer you away from buying any other brand of tofu. We like to add it to miso soup. Another easy way to prepare it is: cut into strips, press with a heavy pan in between paper towels, dip in soy sauce, fry in coconut oil, and top with tomato chutney.

• Kanaami-Tsuji makes kitchen utensils that preserve the tradition of Japanese craftsmanship. Their tofu servers are hand made using the kiku-dashi (chrysanthemum pattern) and kikko-ami (tortoise shell netting) techniques.

• Noe Viruset’s grandparents made tiles and bricks in southern Spain. She continues the family tradition by creating handmade ceramics that range from jewelry to kitchenware, and handling every aspect of the process from design to packaging. Her Japanese Bowl Set would be the perfect way to serve your miso soup.