Take Root

We started digging underground and found the roots more interesting than the flowers.

• Carolina Baptista Rodriguez’ Tree is part of her ready-to-wear collection of dresses made out of bronze.

• Nicolas Wirth’s collection for the Istituto Marangoni graduate show featured printed forests inspired by the work of Egon Schiele and the landscapes of Switzerland.

• This Table by Vivaterra looks like it belongs in a Hobbit’s home with its entwined roots made from reclaimed wood.

• Srečko Molk’s Bracelet is crafted from one piece of walnut wood and lacquered to show off its natural grain pattern.

• Roots Farm’s Bowl has turquoise waters shimmering on the inside and coral-like spirals on the outside.

• Blake Gibson’s Golden Mean is an abstract lithograph with tangled branches of Indian yellow and dusty rose.

• Olia’s Tree of Life Pendant extends its golden branches attached to a gold vermeil chain.

• Erika Siamic’s Nomad Bracelet is made of crocheted wire and yarn to resemble the texture and twisted shapes of dried wood.

• Grace Sheese’s Cup is made of hand-built porcelain embellished with a complex network of roots.

• Ana Raimundo’s Tree from Theart has its roots screen printed on orange fabric and embellished with citrus toned cotton threads.