• Leonardo Ulian’s Technological Mandala creates symmetry from electrical components and microchips. He literally rewires the parts to show their aesthetic qualities, drawing on the shape of the mandala to hint at our worship of technology. For a darker and dirtier take on technology, take a look at article from the NY Times called Power, Pollution, and the Internet, which discusses the wasteful operations of large data centers.

• At the center of the Mandala of Jnanadakini is a female Buddha with six arms and three heads. She sits on a lion throne encircled by eight goddesses.

• Leisa’s Doily Earrings frame a crocheted pattern from the ‘40s in sterling silver hoops.

• The mandala-like shape of Clare’s Sterling Silver Necklace was inspired by a succulent plant viewed from above.

• Kristin’s Quilt in Red fills the geometric structure of a quilt with computer-generated traces of particle collisions.

• Arosha’s Mandala Pendant has an interlocking spiral in sterling silver with blue agate, peridot, or amethyst in the center.