Fulget Semper Virtus

• Virtue shines forever. Why place it under a study of bats? And why include a set of ears on the same page? The motto under the bat looks like the creature stands for something, and indeed the bat is on the coat of arms of Valencia, where the artist Jusepe de Ribera was born. The ears might allude to the bat’s ability to navigate by hearing, which, with the latin, composes a remarkably positive depiction of the bat for its time. Two centuries later, another Spanish painter Goya would use the bat to plague the artist in his dreams.

• Rebecca’s Bat Wing Wall Lamp has a unique way of adjusting brightness. You can open more layers of the semi-transparent bat wings for brighter light, and close them for a dimmer glow.

• Ashley’s Bats in the Belfry Ring celebrates the bat’s silhouette in sterling silver.

• Deb’s Gilded Bat photograph emphasizes its claws and parchment-like wings.

• Anna’s Hoop Earrings have rabbit’s heads and bat wings.