Earth Day Series: Green Thumb

For Earth Day, we’ve put together gardens that occupy small yet inventive spaces – from wine corks to moss balls. Check out our other Earth Day related posts about turning trash into treasure, old computer parts, and recycled plastic.

• In what must have looked and felt like a surrealist dream, this Mobile Garden Car allowed passengers of a Chicago train to travel among lush greenery. Every inch of the car was covered in local plants, even the floor and seats. Think of this the next time you’re stuck in a malodorous subway car during rush hour.

• This Kokedama Garden is perfect for those who live in a small apartment and don’t have much room for growing plants. You can create your own hanging garden of tiny plants that are pressed into moss balls and hanging from twine.

• This Ring by Cometman & Kokeya tops bubinga wood with a touch of moss for a portable garden on your finger.

• These Terrariums are custom-made to reflect places and plants you have seen or would like to visit.

• Jessica Anson’s Concrete Holders contain two air plants and a succulent for a tiny garden that requires very little maintenance.

• Kimberly Gordon’s Terrarium contains lichen, air plants, and gravel in a lightbulb.

• Plantzilla’s Tillandsias are elegant green flourishes sitting on top of driftwood. Her Wall Garden is a tillandsia mounted on virgin cork bark to reflect how it grows in its natural environment.

• Petitbeast’s Terrarium houses a tillandsia on a bed of gravel and can be either hung of laid flat.

• Ursula’s Magnet accents a piece of smokey quartz with a tiny air plant.

• Vindy’s Cork Garden is a kit that allows you to top wine corks with succulents.

• Kelly’s Kokedama is a moss ball with a violet plant that you can hang from the ceiling or place on a sunny windowsill.