New Horizons

Stripes have a way of distorting our perception of reality. Today we’re looking at how they offer new ways of rendering landscape, depth, and texture.

• Abie Loy Kamerre’s Bush Hen Dreaming takes us inside the mind’s eye of the bird on a dizzying search for food among Australia’s rust-red landscape. The painting simultaneously depicts a landscape of gently sloping sandhills and the motion of navigating through it. The swirls tell a traditional Dreaming story, as both narrative and artwork are part of timeless time, where a perpetual process of getting lost and finding new paths is possible.

• Kyotaro Hakamata’s Butterfly is a set of human figures made out of layers of colorful acrylic stripes, dismantling and asking you to reconstruct the silhouettes and forms.

• This Jar comes from the Ica Valley in Peru, and has a striped design mingling with hundreds of years worth of scuffs and chips.

• Dahrana’s Necklace is made of thin stripes in orange, yellow, and brown cotton.

• Dorisse’s Necklace is a string of hundreds of paper disks creating a gentle orange and cream gradient.

• Vivpickle’s Bag has a pattern of stripes in brown, orange, and red.

• Shari’s Wall Sculpture is a complex network of stainless steel and wood strips in a forest palette.

• Jessica Sherriff’s Bangle encases a hand-drawn stripe pattern in perspex.

• Linnea’s iPhone Case is covered with shifting panels of colorful stripes.

• Emma Burrow’s Pillow has a multi-colored stripe pattern that will complement any palette.

• These Beads by vitaminGdesign are made of wrapped cotton thread in vibrant pinks and yellows.