Sunbathing in Arles

If only you pay attention to it you will see that certain stars are lemon-yellow, others pink or a green, blue and forget-me-not brilliance.
– Van Gogh

• Van Gogh’s L’Arlésienne is a portrait of Madame Ginoux, the proprietress of the cafe where he lived for a time in Arles. But the real subject of the painting is the lemon yellow background, a color that weaves into Van Gogh’s sunflowers and wheat fields. The daring combination of yellow and Prussian blue was inspired by Delacroix as a challenge to the subtle Dutch palette.

• Fong Qi Wei’s Sunflower is part of his Exploded Flowers series of photographs that deconstruct blooms into their individual components.

• This Mosaic Glass Inlay dates back to the late Hellenistic period and depicts a pattern of yellow lilies beneath two thousand years worth of cracks and chips.

• Krasimira Milenkova’s Silk Scarf is hand painted with yellow flowers on a dark green background.

• Jan and Catherine’s Espresso Cup Set includes two cups and saucers glazed in golden tones that resemble Van Gogh’s wheat fields.

• Michele Soares’ Bracelet is made of braided yellow and silver yarn.

• Reiko Miyagi’s Earrings suspend two enameled leaves from vine-like wires.

• WSM’s Scarf is made of silk shirred in a cascade of yellow, brown, and green.

• Karla Wheeler’s Ring is made of deep emerald resin sculpted into geometric planes.

• This Ring by Small Joys Studio has a rotating flower made of copper enameled in shades of dark green and purple.

• Cinne Worthington’s Silk Scarf has a dense pattern of golden flowers framed by a dijon-colored trim.