Maison du Chocolat

Take one bite of Maison du Chocolat’s sorbet or ice cream, and you will no doubt realize that all the other frozen desserts you’ve tasted are simply inferior in taste and quality. They are known for their expensive chocolates, which are displayed like museum pieces, but many people don’t know that they sell ice cream in the summer as well. “Very good” ice cream, as the well-dressed lady who helped me said with a French accent. I highly recommend raspberry sorbet and chocolate ice cream as a combination, because the intense fruitiness of the raspberries perfectly complements the creamy chocolate (you can really taste the chocolate, not the sugar). I’m also eager to try the apricot sorbet. I even got to taste a truffle, and wish that someday I could indulge in their other confections. But for now, if you’re wondering if it’s worth it to spend $8 on two scoops of ice cream, let go of your usual New York stinginess, and you won’t be disappointed.