Structured Surreal

• Surrealism brings to mind strange situations: furry cups, lobster telephones, and pipes that are not really pipes. We see shocking combinations of subjects, contexts, and textures. But what if that shock happened on a structural level? Juan Gris was a Cubist painter, but his process of fragmenting the familiar and creating unexpected juxtapositions of shape and perspective reflects a surreal way of thinking. In Seated Woman, he breaks your habits of looking by creating tension between structures you recognize and one’s you don’t. He sought to make his work as counterintuitive as possible. How do you know it’s a woman? There’s an earring and what looks like a dress, but these indications float among unfamiliar geometric shapes. We have analyzed and psychoanalyzed Surrealist work to death, but the more quiet surrealism of Juan Gris remains mysterious.

• Photographer Bela Borsodi takes the superficial qualities of Cubism – simplified, stylized features – and makes her La Mystique des Femmes even more superficial by adding luxury jewelry.

The Face of Cubism Necklace by Silver Tree Leaf features a Picasso-inspired portrait in sterling silver.

• Chris Austin’s Round Bowl is made from hand-cut glass and the grid comes in the color scheme of your choice.

• Ben Shanklin’s Cubism Case recreates the free-floating fragments of Cubist paintings in wood.

• Austin Merritt’s Abstract Nightstand resembles an overturned skyline in the city.

• Pavla’s Geome Necklace creates a string of geometric, black-and-white patterns from glass beads.