Structural Skeletons

• Antony Gormley’s Exposure goes through a metamorphosis, set in motion by your perspective. From a distance, a crouching figure appears as a connected whole, its metal parts coalescing at the head, throat, heart, stomach, and genitals. The figure invites and then overwhelms you with its scale and complexity, as the whole transforms into abstract intersections of metal. From a human body to a space frame. The open structure allows us to X-ray the figure, but closer inspection invites either sheer wonder or dissection of the mathematical principles that hold it together. The experience mirrors the process. Gormley took a plaster cast of his own body, and then asked engineers to develop it into a structurally sound system.

• On a microscopic level, Jason Groepper’s photograph of a Magnolia Leaf Skeleton reveals its intricate, and imperfect, network of veins.

• Anna’s Pendants recreate the delicate skeleton of leaves in sterling silver.

• Brennan’s Skeletal Tree captures its intricate silhouette in dramatic fashion.

• Kyla’s Skeletal Shells Earrings are made of hand-formed sterling wires, hammered together and covered with a dark patina.

• Jamie’s Geometric Necklace forms the contour of an ivy leaf with the structural framework of a bridge.

• Pamela’s Photomontage superimposes an X-ray of a skeleton, an original drawing, and a photograph of Madrid’s airport.