Spring Flowers

We wanted to pay tribute to the light, breezy atmosphere of spring with washes of watercolor, pressed flowers, and silk.

• John Singer Sargent’s Corfu: Lights and Shadows captures the play of leaves on a whitewashed stucco building. Touches of zinc white give the illusion of merging of fleeting shadows merging with the chalky surface.

• Macoto Murayama’s Gerbera is part of his Inorganic Flora series of digital illustrations that dig deep into the structure of plants. He dissects his specimens with 3D models that allow access to complexities invisible to the eye.

• The Valentino Fall 2013 Collection loosened up Delftware by applying blue and white patterns on light silk gowns.

• This Necklace by Ahoy Ahimsa suspends a real hollyhock petal from an antique brass chain.

• May Hiddleston’s Still Life depicts an orchid in layers of blue and violet watercolor washes.

• Karen Faulkner’s Petals is a shower of falling lavender flowers in watercolor.

• Dianne’s Pendant preserves and magnifies a bouquet of lobelia, alyssum, yellow clover, and forget-me-nots in resin.

• Jessica Sherriff’s Earrings diffuses an image of lilac flower silhouettes in lucite. Her Bangle displays an image of alium in perspex acrylic, giving the lilac colored petals a watercolor effect.

• Louise van Terheijden’s Lavender Dots is a watercolor of blue and golden yellow pebbles arranged in a neat square.

• Svetlana’s Scarf is a lightweight silk and wool blend with lilac nuno felting and forget-me-nots.