• Part crystal chandelier, part Star Trek transporter, Leo Villareal’s Volume installation suspends LED nodes on a waterfall of stainless steel, moving through patterns predetermined by software code.

• Giorgio Armani’s Spring 2013 Collection layered transparent, embellished chiffon to resemble shimmering water at midnight.

• Andrea’s Glitter Collar will add glamour to even the most dull of blouses.

• Bobbi’s Necklace frames black dots in a circle of sparkling grey resin.

• Kambriel’s Scarf is a stormy combination of sequins and shades of grey.

• Lea’s Bracelet transitions from clear glass to black lava stone in a rich variety of textures and materials.

• Sharona’s Lariat Necklace brings together four strands of sterling silver, crystals, grey labradorite, and hematite.

• Christyl’s Fingerless Gloves embellish a grey knit with buttons, sequins, crystals, and glass beads.

• Sara’s Earrings add some subtle sparkle to silver studs.