Solar Flare

• Fabian Oefner’s Dancing Colors series freezes dramatic explosions of colorful pigments. Dyed salt crystals dance on a thin sheet of plastic covering a speaker when it emits sound. To capture the salt at its highest point, Oefner attached a microphone to the speakers. As soon as the microphone picked up sound, it triggered the flash of the camera. Oefner’s various projects focus on revealing nature’s unseen moments, like the solar flare, an explosion that can’t be seen from earth with the naked eye.

• This Orange Fire Agate from Kala Kali looks like there is bubbling lava under its surface.

• Audrey’s Bubble Ring is a sparkling ball of orange Swarovskis.

• A Senegalese Woman crosses the street, with folds of billowing orange and pink fabric.

• Val and Patti’s Fused Glass Earrings are filled with gold that creates a shimmering, marbled effect.

• Erin’s Orange Clutch has a blue and orange paisley lining and pockets for your credit and metro cards.