Silver Skyline

We were inspired by the steel, skyscrapers, and grid structures of Manhattan to look for their counterparts on a smaller scale.

• Scott Witt’s photograph of Manhattan taken from the window seat of an airplane shows a silver dust of lights extending into the night.

• Joan Miró’s Figure and Bird has a triangular body of layered steel and a spherical head from which three axe-like objects emerge, kind of like a modern Medusa.

• The KTZ Spring 2014 Menswear Collection layered stripes on stripes, mixing industrial fabrics and traditional cloth for a hybrid of urban and tribal.

• Mark Poulin’s Earrings are made of sterling silver with horizontal stripes reminiscent of Art Deco.

• PityFab’s Pendant has the wavy stripes of damascus steel framed by sterling silver pegs.

• Nancy Ryall’s Birch Earrings and Pendant are silver leaves pierced with thin stripes.

• Dmdmetal’s Ring is made of faceted sterling silver carved with stripes.

• Spexton’s Men’s Wedding Band is made of titanium inlaid with argentium silver.

• Muriel’s Necklace suspends three cones with concentric stripes.

• Maxime Proulx’s Earrings are made of sterling silver oxidized to highlight stripes.