Silver Linings

Here’s our little playbook for blue summer skies.

• Rüdiger Nehmzow’s Cloud Collection gets the kind of vantage point every landscape painter dreams of and the clarity every airplane passenger never gets. He pointed his camera through the open doors of a small plane, rising up to 6000 meters to capture what the gods must see when they wake up.

• This Jar with Dragon and Clouds dates back to the 18th century.

• The prints in Manish Arora’s Fall 2013 Collection combined dense jungles of geometric black and white patterns with clouds floating in blue skies.

• Jennifer Boswell’s Cloud Study follows the loose brushstrokes of the Impressionists.

• Ginny Reynders’ Necklace suspends the outline of a cumulus cloud in sterling silver.

• Juste’s Necklace strings together pale blue octagons, creamy tubes, and yellow Czech beads for a geometric interpretation of a summer sky.

• Mike Ryczek’s Cumulus Cloud depicts the soft, cotton ball against a blue sky, with some of the hardwood back peeking through.

• Theresa’s Cardigan is made of sky blue cotton draped and wrapped in a relaxed fit perfect for lazy summer days.

• Jessica Sherriff’s Bangle frames an image of the North East Coast of England in clear perspex.

• Gemma Atwell’s Ring is a silver lining and its accompanying cloud.

• Cindy Richard’s Scarf is made of cotton printed with a tie-dye cloud pattern.