Sicilian Summer

Before going to bed Don Fabrizio paused a moment on the little balcony of his dressing room. The shadowed garden lay sunk in sleep, below; in the inert air the trees seemed like fused lead; from the overhanging bell tower came an elfin hoot of owls. The sky was clear of clouds; those which had greeted the dusk had moved away, maybe toward places less sinful, condemned by divine wrath to lesser penalties.
– Lampedusa, The Leopard

• Andreas Achenbach’s Sunset After a Storm on the Coast of Sicily exemplifies his dramatic style of landscape painting, which depicts nature as a sublime force that overwhelms man. The sailors are barely visible against the rocks and crashing waves illuminated by golden light.

• This Coin dates back to the late fifteenth century and bears the imprint of Alfonso of Aragorn, King of Naples and lover of classical literature.

• The Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013 Menswear Collection weaved the figures of Zeus and Apollo through their prints inspired, as always, by Sicily and its myths.

• Solsken Design’s Earrings are small gold coins suspended from hoops and have a textured surface that reflects light.

• Kyle Chan’s Pendant frames a snake set with champagne diamonds on a golden surface.

• Gili Forshmit’s Ring has a fossil-like design on a matte gold coin.

• Ayala Vitkon’s Bracelet has a gold coin and labradorite gem attached next to the clasp. Her Hoops suspend tiny gold coins imprinted with trees.

• Maya Rolc Majeric’s Bracelet has a small coin imprinted with a personalized initial.

• Salomea’s Ring frames a pearl in gold vermeil, inspired by ancient Roman style jewelry.