In case you don’t have access to a forest during mushroom picking season, we’ve collected some specimens that will serve you beyond the dinner table.

• Yeonju Song’s Dress creates flapper fringe with layers of enoki mushrooms. It’s part of his series of Wearable Foods, garments that transform scraps and slices of edibles ranging from banana peel to lotus root.

• Yukio Takano’s Desk Lamps are tiny mushrooms glowing with LEDs on pieces of driftwood. They would fit right into one of Hayao Miyazaki’s fantastical worlds.

• Jessica Dunek’s Morel is a cast of a large mushroom, painted meticulously to recreate all of its rich, twisted details.

• A.Deegan’s Nine Mushrooms is a collage of linotypes depicting deliciously intricate gills in a gradient of autumn colors.

• Ryan Blomberg’s Necklace suspends a gold-leafed clay mushroom from a silver chain, which has an 18th century German glass bead attached to the clasp.

• Peter Williams’ Mushrooms are replicas cast in polyester resin and standing on pins.

• Oscar R.’s Ring interprets the honeycomb-like structure of morel mushrooms in sterling silver.

• Chris Mueller’s Ring is made with lost-wax casting and frames an impression of a morel mushroom.

• Ruby Pearl’s Plushroom combines felt, buttons, and stitching for an adorable and soft fungi specimen.

• Machel’s Waxcap captures the golden gills of a tiny mushroom from the ground up.