And if a god will wreck me yet again on the wine-dark sea, I can bear that too, with a spirit tempered to endure. Much have I suffered, labored long and hard by now in the waves and wars.
– Odyssey (5.244-248)

• Aaron Moran’s Breakwater series assembles small shipwrecks from fragments of reclaimed wood. The compositions are ambiguous – they could be waves or vessels. Each work is both a remnant of a larger ship and part of the sea that engulfed it.

• Katsuhiro Saiki’s Study for Metropolis is a series of sculptures that give a slightly distorted perspective on architecture in New York. Photographs of buildings are glued to three dimensional geometric forms, mirroring the dizzying feeling of looking up at skyscrapers.

• Michelle Peterson-Albandoz created her Blue Starburst Construction from wood reclaimed in urban areas. The converging strips give the illusion of an explosion, as if the fragments will fall apart the very next second.

• This Cameo Glass Fragment dates back to 1st century Rome.

• Sarah Marafie’s Necklace suspends a triangular shard of old porcelain from a silver chain.

• Sara Anne’s Tote Bag is made of fabric printed with broken blue pieces reminiscent of Delftware.

• Dee’s Mosaic, inspired by the London Shard Building, is a composition of hand-cut glass painted in mottled blue and gold.

• Pamela’s Necklace features a column of beech wood painted with stripes of blue and violet.

• Laura Read’s Necklace suspends building blocks of reclaimed timber with some of their sides painted blue and white.

• C Star’s Ring frames a found pottery shard in scalloped sterling silver.

• Petite Hermine’s Necklace strings together blue kyanite gems that resemble the jagged edges of glaciers.