Shattered Vortex

 This looking glass reveals a landscape of fragments, facets, and folds.

• Robert Smithson’s Four-Sided Vortex is Narcissus’ worst nightmare. Looking down the fragmented mirror pieces, you can’t see your own reflection. If there is someone standing next to you, you’ll see theirs. It’s a space that destroys focal points and perspectives with each look down the rabbit hole.

• The MOCA Cleveland Building is a bit like Smithson’s Vortex turned inside out. The facade is covered with mirror-finish stainless steel, which reflects its surroundings and subtle changes of light and weather.

• The Donna Karan Pre-Fall 2013 Collection featured graphic, sculptural silhouettes with black-and-white prints that echoed the fluid rhythm of New York’s buildings.

• Timothy James’ Kinetic Ring is faceted sterling silver made using a combination of 3D printing and traditional casting.

• Alia’s Cuff is an architectural structure 3D printed in Polished Alumide, a light and flexible material with a bit of sparkle.

• Rachel Dhawan’s Ring has a chunky faceted form made of blackened sterling silver.

• Krista Peel’s Earrings suspend faceted wood from sterling silver wires.

• Rebecca Peacock’s Earrings form diamond structures from oxidized sterling silver.

• Delphine Leymarie’s Band has a subtle faceted surface made of sterling silver. Her Necklace suspends an irregular slice of silver like a sophisticated take on a dog tag.

• T.’s Necklace is a long faceted point made of bronze and hung from a silver chain.