Secret Life of a Soap Bubble

• Fabian Oefner creates epic narratives of exploding Soap Bubbles, their marbled rainbow surfaces shattering into black-and-white mist. The bubble itself is colorless, but proper lighting on the soap molecules, attached to a film of water, reveals an otherworldly spectacle.

• The Jeremy Scott Fall 2012 Collection glorified the style of Pretty Woman before she got a better wardrobe.

• Nikki’s Crystal Bracelet Kit allows you to make your own bracelet in a sunset gradient.

• Jess’ Garland is made up of festive mylar tassels in a range of metallics.

• Emma’s Quilt features a rainbow color wheel on a solid black background.

• This Crocheted Curtain by Babukatorium allows light to filter through an afghan pattern.

• Stephen’s Hula Hoop has two circuits of LED lights that create a rainbow in motion.

• The Sugamo Shinkin Bank in Shimura, Japan has a layered facade of colorful panels that give off a neon glow at night.