Even a marine mollusk can inspire countless variations on a wavy theme.

• Frank Gehry’s Fish Lamps are made of plastic scales that look like they’re on fire when illuminated.

• Mindy Shapero’s It’s always happening right now even after is a ring of scalloped polyester and latex, cut into scallops that twist and swirl like the ruffled feathers of a bird.

• The Manish Arora Spring 2013 Collection was a Bollywood extravaganza of pastels and gold, with appliqué that resembled fish scales.

• BJC’s Wallet is made of leather hand carved with a scallop design.

• Karen Stanford’s Hoops suspend scalloped waves in sterling silver.

• Jami’s Lampshade are made of scallops cut out of illustrated garden books.

• Firecat’s Bowls have a cloud-like combination of glazes – pale blue over peachy gold.

• Ryan Strobel’s Teapot has a golden yellow stripe lining its scalloped base.

• Iris’ Leather Bracelet is made of white leather disks that create a swirling scalloped shape when wrapped around the wrist.

• Sandra Russell’s Ring is a thick band of silver that creates wild wavy scallops.

• Dara Hartman’s Sandwich Plate is slip cast porcelain with a subtle scalloped pattern on the inside and black glaze on the outside.