Royal Blue

There’s something about the combination of lapis lazuli blue and crimson that transports you back to medieval court life. 

• This Hunting Tapestry dates back to the early part of the 16th century and comes from a workshop in the southern Netherlands during the height of the tapestry industry coming out of Brussels. Commissions were shipped to the French and British courts, and patrons could buy the designs so the tapestry was exclusive. But most of the time the workshop reproduced the same design multiple times, like the popular theme of hunting and hawking. The Brussels weavers developed a technique that allowed them to create a painterly surface with cloth, which you can see here in the folds of clothing. The scene has elements spread out over the entire composition because you never know which part would be obscured by furniture. The courts would move frequently and tapestries were the quickest way to brighten up and insulate a gloomy castle. This hunting expedition has an array of forest creatures inside a picket fence, which resembles the one in the famous unicorn tapestry. Pomegranate trees grow everywhere, linking hunting with fertility and marriage.

• The Valentino Fall 2013 Collection included juxtaposed monastic dresses and coats with floral prints fit for a medieval tapestry.

• Brianna Hardy’s Cuff is a dense arrangement of crystals, lapis lazuli, and beads that shimmer in crimson and blue.

• Lefteris Drakakis’ Earrings hold coral and lapis lazuli donut beads on hammered silver hoops.

• Bob Borter’s Earrings are made of amethyst, lapis lazuli, and oxidized silver in a natural, muted finish.

• John Sanger’s Snuffbox has a lid made of lapis lazuli and engraved with a medieval lion design.

• Guy & Irina’s Pendant has a sea of lapis lazuli on one side and a sterling silver flower on the other.

• Galit Barak’s Ring frames lapis lazuli in crocheted gold wire.

• Lori S.’s Necklace suspends lapis ovals from a silver ball chain.

• Ania Perrone’s Necklace combines strings of red coral beads with a rectangular lapis lazuli stone.