Rosy-fingered dawn is one of our favorite epithets, so we decided to take it more literally.

• Brice Brown’s Rosebud has subtle splashes of enamel silkscreened on a digital print of roses. The unexpected enamel creates an invisible glass wall, stopping you from entering into the dreamy, hazy image with rose-colored glasses.

• Emile Gilliéron’s reproduction of the Blue Bird Fresco reconstructs the original painting found in the palace of Knossos in Crete. The five-petalled rose is an early indication of its place as the most luxurious of flowers in Ancient Greece and Rome.

• The Louise Gray Fall 2013 Collection accented a crackling pink and green print with bracelets wrapped in tinfoil. An odd yet appropriate combination if there ever was one.

• Greg and Pamela Beckman’s Vase is made using a crystalline glaze that creates a pattern of gold flowers on a deep red background.

• Klara Borbas’ Earrings are tiny orange craters covered with crackling gold leaf.

• Eri’s Earrings are grey pods with red and pink succulents made of polymer clay.

• Hsin-Chuen Lin’s Tea Bowl is wheel-thrown porcelain glazed with a gold waterfall on red.

• Harry Dynbort’s Bowl is made of red clay covered with a flambe glaze and incised with a swirl.

• Jillian Moore’s Ring is a red bun made of fabricated brass, polymer clay, and resin.

• Dawn Zuber’s Bracelet strings together polymer clay beads that have a Klimt-inspired pattern.

• Francesca Perinetti’s Summer Scarf is made of nuno felted silk chiffon, wool, and silk in pearl grey and coral.