Roll the Dice

Yes, I understand that a man might go to the gambling table – when he sees that all that lies between himself and death is his last crown.
– Balzac

• How do you gamble in hell? Hieronymous Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights is a hot mess that we know little about, so that leaves us only to speculate about the Netherlandish painter’s wild imagination. The right panel depicts hell and among its victims is a woman balancing a large die on her head. To her left is a game board with tiny dice and down below is a shield of two fingers holding a die with a knife piercing the palm.

• The Eco Die will tell you which environmentally friendly action you should take if you can’t make up your mind. There are also die for wellness and kind action, cheeky twists on the complicated world of self-help. Let the cute icons decide for you.

• This Ivory Die dates back to 1st century Rome, where it would have decided the fate of many gamblers. Apparently, in some parts of the empire there were oracles where people would seek advice from the gods by throwing dice.

• Bill Browne’s Die is made from solid stainless steel and heavier than most.

• Maya Geller’s Ring submerges a pair of silver dice in black enamel.

• Blue’s Ring has rolling silver dice suspended between a band covered in skulls and fleur-de-lis.

• Andrea Ring’s Earrings are a pair of red dice attached to dark silver hoops.

• Yaeli Nissan’s Earrings are lines of tiny cubes made of gold plated brass.

• Victoria Constable’s Charm is a silver die with its copy buried somewhere in England for future discovery.

• Miwako Okuda’s Necklace is a lucky die suspended from a sterling silver cable chain.

• Rami Elkhatib’s Earrings frames a pair of off-white dice with gear and insulator beads.