Rivers of Ink

• Tamsin van Essen’s Erosion series of porcelain sculptures destabilizes the pristine material with rivers of black threads that appear to drip incisively into its surface.

• Diana’s Vase gets its organic, irregular shape from layers of small coils, smoothed on the outside and finished with a black and speckled white glaze.

• The complex structure of this Bracelet by Nervous System was created using interactive software and built with 3D laser printing.

• Eden’s Cheval is a black-and-white ink wash painting that resembles a mountain range on a rainy day.

• Ohgushi’s Floating series makes ink in water look like spontaneous brushstrokes.

• Morgan’s Journal has an exposed spine which allows it to lay flat.

• Natasha’s Porcelain Bowl has a hand-painted pattern of black seeds making up an abstract design on its white surface.

• Keith’s River Abstraction is a photograph of light hitting turbulent water, but it also looks like tree bark or ink in water.