• Have you ever wondered what would happen if the geometric fragments of abstract paintings escaped the flat canvas? Bahar Yurukoglu’s Neoscape series turns pieces of colored plastic into still lifes of intersecting planes and reflections. She builds on the legacy of still life painters such as Chardin and Cezanne who chose ordinary, everyday objects to experiment with light. Just as Chardin emphasized the beauty of a copper pot, Yurukoglu presents the playful and complex possibilities of plastic.

• Sarah’s Table Lamp transforms old plastic bottles by cleaning, sandblasting, and cutting them into a into an opaque coral daisy.

• Gino’s Kitchen Lamp is made from three kitchenware bowls and comes with a plastic bug as a playful touch.

• Hiroshi Fuji’s Toy Installations use recycled plastic toys as building blocks for large-scale figures of dinosaurs, birds, and palaces.

• Rachel’s Bangle is four layers of laser-cut acrylic riveted together to form a cog.

• Jasmine’s Resin Ring has a warm amber tone and subtle shimmer.

• Marianne’s Necklace suspends toy parts made of plastic, resin, and rubber from a white link chain.