Cats have been a viral sensation since Ancient Egypt. To add fuel to fire, we’ve put together a diverse group of feline incarnations.

• When Andy Warhol was working as an advertising illustrator in the early ‘50s, he lived with a lot of cats. At one point, there were twenty one inhabiting his brownstone apartment. And yes, they were all named Sam, except for one called Hester. 25 Cats Name Sam and One Blue Pussy was a book Warhol published himself and gave out to clients and friends. He printed each cat with the blotted line technique that was the trademark of his advertising work and earned him commissions from all the top magazines at the time. The “d” missing in the title was a mistake that Warhol kept because he liked it.

• This Fan by Zhang Yugong depicts an inky cat stalking its prey.

• This Cat dates back to the Ptolemaic Period of Ancient Egypt, when depictions of the goddess Bastet changed from lioness to domesticated cat. She became a viral sensation, earning her own cult and thousands of figurines.

• Chris Wrinn’s Pendant is made of pure silver with a gold foil heart.

• Pamela Staker’s Sitting Cat has loose, dynamic outlines in paint, pastel, and colored paper.

• Yaci’s Rings wrap your finger in a sleeping cat’s head in black or silver.

• Dheeradj van der Geest’s Ring is made of sterling silver sanded in the shape of a stylized cat.

• Bri’s Whiskers has newsprint fur covered with colorful stripes of paint.

• Mai’s Neko Ring is made of silver curving into subtle cat ears.

• Carl Harris’ Clowns Boots depicts Catboy, the boy who has the shadow of a cat.

• Denise Payne’s Cats are all sitting in a row, no doubt watching birds, with their fur in an intricate pen-and-ink pattern.