Pulling Strings

• Michael Chase photographs urban structures in a state of decay, transforming them into abstract explorations of color.

• Gravity’s Loom by the Ball-Nogues Studio fills the entrance to the Indianapolis Museum of Art with thousands of colorful strings forming a loose spiral. Hand craft, machine production, and digital manipulation seem to be processes that don’t cooperate well, but this work involves all three. People installed the strings, but the overall shape and color were determined by a machine and software system developed for this project. The effort to integrate sculptural and decorative elements into architecture reflects Baroque structures, although the two aesthetics could not be more different.

• Ariana’s Bracelet is wrapped in multicolored hand-spun yarn.

• Sakura’s Sailor Knot Earrings intertwines fine ropes in fuchsia and orange.

• Julia’s Fiber Necklace creates a rich texture of colorful yarn and ribbons.

• Jana’s Bracelet is made from hand-dyed yarn and brass fiber beads.

• Belinda’s Bracelets can be engraved with the short phrase of your choice.