Pop of Poppies

Imagine having Suzuki Kiitsu’s Poppies hanging on your wall so you could look at it on harsh winter days like this one. Perhaps you can’t drink tea and compose poetry with the Edo elite with poppies in the background, but here are a few alternatives.

• Kiitsu’s Poppies suggest that he may have been familiar with Western decorative art, but unlike European artists he didn’t clutter all available space with details. Instead, he leaves a generous area of gold leaf to balance the realistic flowers.

• Stasia Burrington’s Cut Fabric Flower Girls are composed of faint pencil lines and flowers cut from quilt fabric. Wouldn’t we all like to be more floral than fleshy on occasion?

• The Rei Kawakubo Fall 2012 Collection combined the voluminous silhouette of a kimono with modern tailoring for flat, crisp dresses reminiscent of very expensive paper dolls.

• Lucille Martin’s Reconstruction is a cluster of recycled materials and found objects, including vintage fabric and perspex mirrors.

• This Drawstring Bag by Atelier Saley frames panels of Japanese silk in luscious red lambskin.

• Sharon MacLeod’s Bracelet is a set of four bangles printed with a Japanese-inspired floral pattern.

• Claire Quillier’s Teardrop Fascinator is made of red felt embellished with buttons covered in Japanese fabric.

• This Scarf by La Grande Reseda covers one side in blue cotton fabric and the other in fabric with a cherry red and pale blue floral pattern.

• Eileen’s Silk Scarf is made from three different vintage Japanese kimono, one of which has clouds of tiny white flowers.