How far can you take a pleat? We’re taking it out of the world of neat skirts and testing its limits in paper, ceramic, and light fabrics.

• Daniela Schlagenhauf’s Pièces Plissées series of ceramics create dynamic movement with twisting pleats that resemble a cross between sea shells and waves.

• Roberto Capucci’s Sculptural Dresses are made of pleated silk velvet and taffeta, building volume and shape inspired by ancient Greek columns.

• Richard Sweeney’s Pleated Works play with the tension between structure and flexibility of pleated paper, transforming single sheets into abstract sculptures that seem ready to fly off.

• Nikki’s Necklace is made of pleated steel grey ribbon with czech glass crystals nestled inside.

• Tripot’s Scarf is made of a silk cotton blend that has a loosely pleated texture.

• Don Ryan’s Teapot has a neatly pleated body covered with celadon glaze.

• Outi Virtanen’s Necklace is made of ribbon, hand-dyed in muted violent and green, and blue beads half-hidden in between pleats.

• Carol Gilbert’s Tote Bag has a relaxed silhouette made of natural linen with an x-pleat texture.

• Hila Rawet Karni’s Fiona Necklace suspends a pleated half-moon with a white rim and black center.

• Rowan Shaw’s Necklace is made of steel blue and white pleats that you can wear flat or twist into wild waves.

• Alexandra Ritchie’s Purse is made of delicately pleated white and taupe leather and has a knotted leather strap.