Pink Panther

A flurry of pink petals in every medium except real flowers.

• David Adey’s Born Again series of mandalas are perfectly symmetrical floral arrangements of heart-shaped paper fragments, cut from fashion magazines. The images are all of lips, resulting in a soft peachy-pink gradation from a distance.

• Matt Wedel’s Flower Tree looks, at first glance, like an ordinary succulent. But it is really an imagined plant, saturated, dripping with red. An entire garden of his work would be an impressive spectacle.

• Abbott Handerson Thayer’s Still Life of a peony floating in a copper bowl is a still, quiet moment buzzing with loose brushstrokes that seem to escape the neat outlines of petals.

• Taylor’s Earrings capture pale pink forget-me-nots drifting in curving loops of sterling silver.

• Leah Hines’ Petals depicts a world of abstract pink and green layers, each petal bleeding into the one below.

• Louise van Terheijden’s Open Up V is a cluster of translucent petals in peach, pink, and purple shades.

• St. Clair Boutique’s Ring is a big rose crafted from silver and colored in a luscious combination of mango and pink.

• Larissa Spafford’s Pendant suspends a three-petaled flower made of glass from a silver ball chain.

• Lauren Adams’ Painting 411 depicts magnolia buds in abstract, thick brushstrokes that reflect how they fall at the end of their short season.

• Liz Reed’s Passion Flower Buds is a close-up view of their rich red petals about to open.

• Monika’s Ring is made of porcelain clay stained with a muted coral color that offsets the white cluster of flowers in the center.