Perfect Circle

Have you ever tried drawing one? It’s not possible, nor should it be.

• Bernd Ribbeck’s Untitled is a series of nested circles split between surfaces that are scraped and rubbed with acrylic, varnish, and ball point pen. His work hints at mandalas, heraldry, and geometric abstraction without falling neatly into one category.

• Yael Kanarek’s Sanctify Thyself, No. 1 both invokes and denies the mandala with a jumble of words in nine languages, sanctifying and signifying nothing.

• Roopa Pemmaraju’s Fall 2013 Collection was created in collaboration with Indigenous Australian artists. Some of the geometric prints have soft, chalky edges, as if the pigment was still fresh on the fabric.

• Andy’s Ring frames a black stripe between oxidized sterling silver for a rustic look.

• Connie’s Self Portrait Sketch is a landscape of yellow and black ink reminiscent of Chinese ink paintings of mountains.

• Marisa’s Cercles Inachevés is an abstract composition of black and ochre half-circles.

• C Star’s Ring frames a mint green and black striped cabochon in sterling silver.

• Lauren Adams’ Gesture combines paint and graphite marks in a black and white palette.

• Brooke Winfrey’s Bowl is individually molded and inlaid with thin, wavy stripes.

• Sean O’Connell’s Teapot is hand-painted with loose black and white stripes.

• Suzanne Rogge’s Ring forms concentric rings out of sterling silver, made using the lost wax process.