Oriental Ornamental

Chang Tsao (8th century) The appearance of his landscapes was such that the higher and lower parts were both exquisite, and in the space of a foot there was depth upon depth. His rocks were so pointed that they seemed ready to topple; his springs rushed forward as if with a roar. His foregrounds gave the effect of pressing against one like a barrier; his distances seemed to reach the very limits of heaven.
– Chang Yen-yuan (ca. 847)

• Michael Lin’s installations, like Grind, expand Chinese ornamental patterns to fill vast spaces, merging decoration with architecture to create the experience of walking in a fantastical garden. Like traditional Chinese painters, Lin plays with perspective to manipulate our understanding of depth.

• The Etro Spring 2013 Collection applied lush patterns of flowers and insects to flowing silhouettes inspired by kimonos and origami.

• Gloria’s iPad Case is padded with a pattern of white peonies on a red background.

• Melinda’s iPhone Case will brighten up your sleek phone with pink roses.

• Maricel’s Flats accent embroidered Japanese silk with blooms made of chiffon and satin.

• Veronica’s Leggings dress up ordinary black ones with deep red and gilded chrysanthemums.