One of a Kind

• Wilson Bentley, the snowflake enthusiast from Vermont who photographed thousands of individual crystals, was the first to observe that no two are alike. In 1925, he declared each crystal a “masterpiece of design. When the snowflake melted, that design was forever lost.”

• The original method of making jigsaw puzzles allowed craftsmen to saw one-of-a kind patterns. Nervous System, a generative design studio based in Boston, wanted to bring back the art of unique puzzles, but with a modern twist. Their Radial Puzzles are made of pieces cut based on Dendritic solidification, and the images are fractal patterns made by generative artists.

• Carrie’s Pendant has a deconstructed snowflake sawn onto its sterling silver surface.

• Valiant’s Necklace layers two snowflakes that can be worn together or independently.

• This Wool Scarf by Cozy Season has a classic snowflake and deer pattern to keep you warm during the holidays.

• Aprimiao’s Bangle has hammered, uneven surface, and snowflake charm.

• Dace’s Slippers has a snowflake stitched into its felted wool surface.

• This Buckle by Steel Toe Studios is riveted, welded, and burnished into a geometric snowflake pattern.