One More Time

There’s a fine line between repetitive and mesmerizing, boring and meditative. We’ve selected works of art that balance between the two.

• Tara Donovan’s Ceiling Installation is an oscillating network of cellular silhouettes and light made out of…styrofoam cups? Yes, she is an alchemist who transforms ordinary materials into structures that leave an entirely different impression. Like cells make up bodies, straws become hazy clouds and plastic cups are snowy mountains.

• Martin Pyper’s Someone’s Boring Me illustrates the repetitive process of sticking steel pins into a black board.

• Rob O’Brien’s Cityscape is a cluster of skyscrapers made of staples, a wildly varied spectrum of shapes and sizes constructed from identical building blocks.

• Michael Neil Jacobson’s 023 is a screen print reminiscent of Agnes Martin’s work with its dark grey lines recording the mark of a wavering hand. His 012 is another screenprint of intersecting grey lines caught in circles.

• Jane Buck’s Kitchen Towel is screen printed with a warren of grey bunnies.

• Amanda James’ Stamp is made of wood hand-carved with an Indian motif.

• Jorey Hurley’s Lotus Seed Pods repeats their holed structure with slight variations.

• Sandra Fetingis’ Earrings frame square holes in long rectangles, like tiny pieces of minimalist architecture.

• Kostas’ Ring combines two squares made of sterling silver with a scratched, textured surface.

• Luzelle van der Westhuizen’s Swan Print repeats their elegant necks and bodies in a stylized, Escher-like pattern.